Thursday, March 5, 2009


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listening to: sexual affection ~ sadie 

Can't wait for lunch. Toms taking me and kuya out! 
Its cause we helped him out so much yesterday. 

Its Thursday isn't it? 
Woah, This week really flew by like no ones business.
I find it really scary cause of the fact that we're nearing the end of our lives faster but I like it. I don't have to have those loonnnngg days and dreaded the hours till I leave for home. 
I can't wait to leave here.

I like work but when it comes to deadlines. No ways. 
Deadlines and Naj do not mix so well. I'll go crazy. I'll pace uncontrollably and hit things randomly by accident. I wouldn't even talk to anyone until the job is done. hahaha. I'm trying my best to work well under pressure. So far it's really getting somewhere unlike before where I can't work at all under pressure. I'm wondering where I will be five years from now.

Lets try visualizing it.
Picture Naj at 21.

Heeled up tall, Formal attire, really short hair that's always down, Sunglasses? (bye bye glasses). Drives around (duh), works in a branding firm (again?), more confident with everything I do. Not much change if you ask me. I'll probably start wearing make up! O_O oh God... >.< 

Honestly, I can't really picture myself five years from now. 
I think its cause I fear that the people I have with me now won't always be there five years from now. Best friends, close friends, boyfriend... well, who knows! Lets just wait and see. 

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