Thursday, March 26, 2009

once again

mood: calm
listening to: electric eden ~

Here I am by myself in my room. Nada at seef with her friends.
For the first time in a very very long time. I feel as if I have my own room and the solitude calming my screaming mind, and I hold my bass like I'll bleed if its taken away from me. This silence that fills the atmosphere makes me want to paint, draw, play, write all at the same time. Its my trigger to do anything. Its almost perfect. Now, to share it with someone I adore so entirely. If only you sat beside me right now. I miss you.

This whole week has been so hectic. I'm one of the designers of a project thus comes a load of work which of course I don't mind at all. I feel so accomplished, so in tune with what I will become. I ponder so heavily at a thought. The thought of maybe this is taking over my life too early. I haven't enjoyed life properly. But I must say I'm happier than ever right now with my career path, my freedom, my family and most of all my love who is all I ever wanted and oh so much more. You're the highlight of my day everyday. The one person who actually likes hearing me snore when I'm exhausted, and despite my fucked up past still loves me for who I am. Yes, I can be corny if I wish. I guess its the feeling when you're in love.

and with that, I won't waste anymore time.
I'm going to write again.

and as a response to your blog entry.

...and I love YOU Khalid Ismael.


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