Monday, March 2, 2009


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A moment ago, I took 10 minutes just to make sure my soul was still there so I laid down on my bed and listened to my heartbeat and to the sound of the wind outside. I know! I'm very weird in a way. Lets just call this 'Centering'. Today was a long day of so much work, a girl needs her few minutes to calm down her soul when shes got a big one.

To me my soul is the creator of my art, my music, my writings. I don't know what I would do if I didn't know how to draw, paint, manipulate, design, write or play the bass. I would feel so soulless and empty. Especially when my mind aint one to work with without art in its list of contents. I'm not so much of an intellectual person, honestly. I would feel so empty and lonely without my art.

Art is my freedom, my soul & my life.


Enough of whats on my mind at the moment.
Trust me thats not all the things thats on my mind.

I was so fucking busy today.


I printed out 3 mood boards when I got home.

The first one was to help with my poster designing.
The second is to help me with traditional painting.
The third for digital painting.

What is a mood board?
Is one of the greatest tools used by designers to create or come up with a great idea.
Its basically a collage of photos, sketches, magazine cut outs, etc.

Its one of my favorite tools. They help me so much in every art genre I do.

I think I'll lay down a little longer before I write a permission copy. >.<

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