Thursday, March 19, 2009

Me = Passion and You guys = Leisure

Mood: content? scared? left out? alone?
listening to: Change - Deftones

Lol, I dunno.
I just talked to 3 of my friends.
2 very close.
Guess where they're going?

Out Clubbing!


It just struck me.
I feel extremely left out. I wanna talk to both of them you know. Tell them about my day, tell them how I felt about it. But the moment I want to mention it. They say they have to go. To where you ask? The same place as the other.

Now, I remember clearly why I know how to do the things I do now. Like everyone, they would usually just feel envious and try to do the same thing they're envious about but better. I always thought that I just wanted to be better, to feel good about myself, to be someone. It could be one of the reasons. But not all of it. Slowly I remember the small list of reasons I conjured up when I was younger. At last after a long while I remember one more reason and its also the reason why I love being a workacholic. Burying myself in work, in art, in writing, in music is also to keep myself sane and indifferent to the fact that everyone out there living their life while I (even though filled with a job and a great career path) am still doing a usual routine. More work, less play. Work keeps my mind at bay, makes me zone out so much that I forget. I forget that I barely see my bestfriends, have fun with them along with my other friends, makes me forget that I'm missing someone, that I'm upset with anyone, or that I'm plain old mad at what I was and what it made me into.

But art is my true passion. Possibly cause its the only thing that really shows how I feel as well as releases how I feel about everyone and everything.

Tell me guys.
what does this tell you?

Title and Description means nothing at all. Never does.

I think now, is a good time to zone out don't you think?

My passion beats your leisure.

I'm ready for your bull shit.


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