Sunday, March 8, 2009

cosplayers do it better than clowns

mood: sleepy
listening to: plates and spoons clashing
I was staring at this certain picture that I found interesting cause of Mr. Jack in the background. Then I noticed Vash there too. Thats cool honestly. I wish I could cosplay as good as them... I mean... him. Looks awesome yea? But I'm not really up for spending a lot of money on a costume that'll just make me look like someone I'm not and besides I'll only wear it once or never at all in this anime convention deprived country.

I did not appreciate them blocking my yaoi site. >.< It was completely harmless stuff! and they blocked it cause of a little nudity? come on... oh well. I guess its gotta stop somewhere. Haha.
faking my age was fun though. hahahaha. I enjoyed it while it lasted. Too bad its no more in this country. *sigh*

Lol, anyways... I spent like most of the day yesterday workin over at ZCCB's. We got the poster sign off as well as the ticket design. Whooop! Just the content remains untouched by the signatures. Yesterday was fun despite a few little clumsy moments. I definately enjoyed what came before the work started. *grin*

I hope I get paid today.
Sometimes being the intern I am. They forget they pay me. I'm not so much as an intern I'm more like a Junior Designer since I design those small little things, and artwork those text and stuff. Why do I have a feeling I get more design jobs than our other Junior Designer who does nothing but artwork arabic all day. I artwork arabic as well. But I'm sometimes useless at it when it comes to translating. >.> NOT MY FAULT I CAN'T SPEAK ARABIC.

I blame my parents.
ebil them.


Almost time for work.
another week to go through.
a lot of work too. woohooo!
I'm going to be a busy busy bee today. *yay*


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