Thursday, February 26, 2009

Imaginary Creature

Mood: Ready 
Listening to:  Ice Romancer ~ Sadie 

As much as I thought I was good in photoshop, I'm still that dysfunctional little creature who's still the amateur no matter what. I just realized that despite the years I've been using Photoshop. I'm still ignorant of how it works. I've been lingering in the basics for too long. I must expand expand expand. I need to keep moving forward rather than stand still. 
I'm ready to challenge my idiotic being! The thing is, I've always challenged myself but thats just on the idea of what is to be done rather than how I'll bring the idea to life. My imagination has enlarged but not my skill. 

I think this office has changed me in more ways than ever. 
Despite it building that design path in front of me. I don't know what to do if I'm forever parted from this place. I'll probably be very very very lost. Well, I better get ready for that day. Its going to come sometime, hopefully not too soon. Little mind! lets gather as much information as possible, you hear! 
Time to make a name for myself! 

Objectives for the week: 
  • nightmare albums in Eclipse
  • Make random band logos
  • Read 'designing logos'
  • Fix painting
  •  find 'body crumbles' bass tabs. yay! [x]
  • 'Jewels' Solo is calling me! 
  • Hell, I gotta organize my shelves
  • Rip 'Who framed roger rabbit' 
  • Burn CD for Kal :D [TMNT 1, 2, & 3 are included!!]
  • Finish Yomi!
  • ZCCB meeting. 
  • Finish 'New Moon'
  • post up the rest of the light effects on Insan-stock at DA
  • Make cover for portfolio 
  • Fill up Portfolio
  • Make meh Multiply Theme. Kals aswell! yay! (this will take hours) 
  • Buy new set of contacts, and jeans... my jeans are all torn up. T-T *sniff*
  • expand photoshop skills 
  • start study plan for this year 
  • update vision board
  • update playlist 
  • finish downloading 'Mary Reilly' 
  • Back up Pictures into cds
  • Buy 5BD worth of empty DvDs [PC DOCTOR here I come!]
* Todays 'musts'

Future self! you're going to be a very clear picture soon. 

damn... i seriously have some issues. 

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