Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Mood: tired, worried, & sleepy
Listening to: born ~ Nega

I'm so fucking tired.
I'm sleepy as well.
I just got a new hair cut. I like it. yay.~

Today is our monthsary. I'm sad that I didn't get to spend time with him. Hopefully, tomorrow will make up for it. I kept myself busy to not think to much on our distance. I helped Nada with her Scrapbook Project. They had to make a scrapbook from scratch. Now, thats where my artwork skills come in. I made a book out of A3 paper. Its a base for the actual scrap book. It actually looks good. Its very nature like looking. We spent hours on it. 12-4pm, 5:37-9 and we're still not done yet. Its starting to drive me mad. 'Stick picture onto colored paper, cut around to make frame, give to nada to stick on scrapbookx1000000000000000' >.<


Umm... Prom.
I found it fun actually. I got to dance with friends and so on.
One of which was such a sweetheart.
I asked him "How's things with you?"
His answer shocked me actually, I didn't expect it at all. It was a singular answer to such a question. He answered "She got me"
'huh?' I thought, Then I got it. 'Oh my God... thats so great.'
'She has me and now I dont know what the next steps are.'
I smiled, 'Let it flow through your fingers, and follow your feelings'
I know that sounded kind of corny. But I thought it was the right thing to say.
I asked him where she was. 'Over there' he pointed with a move of his head. It was the same direction hes been glancing constantly at for the small amount of time we danced. I found it so heartwarming. He seemed so in love with her and she (despite already saying yes to him) has no idea how much he does. Of course she'll be naive about it. The relationship is still fresh. Soon, they'll have their special moment that they'll never forget. Its so sweet. Makes me want to hold my luvs hand and Thank God that I have him. ><>.> seriously. STOPP...

(blames the sweetness)

Okay, moving on...

I'm tired. I'll just work on the logo for an hour or two then I'll sleep.

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