Sunday, February 15, 2009

when the ink runs out.

mood: tired but wide awake
listening to: recall ~ Sadie

For 3 hours now, I've been going at the logo with 'rad' (as Paul would say) new designs.
I think I did well enough for the client to actuall pick one and not make me change it again.
Hopefully, This will all be done soon. They need the Logo ASAP and I need to get this out of my hands I don't like leaving things unfinished neither do I like keeping anyone waiting and my deadline has already passed. I should be doing this job for free. Hahahaha. *hopes she doesn't give anyone ideas*

Right now, I finished the ink. Yes, I ran out of Ideas or in this case ink.
Tomorrow will definately be a busy day at work for me. I have like 3 things booked for me. *sighs*
I love it, having so much work to do. Lets just say I'm the kind of person who hates feeling useless by doing nothing.

A funny thing happened, an old friend who tried getting into my pants when I was 13 called me earlier. He does this all the time. He would call after a year or 6 months or so. Its so fucking hilarious. He was flirting with me non-stop. I couldn't even speak without him going all 'I bet you look hotter than before' I just rolled my eyes.

sad sad world.

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