Tuesday, February 3, 2009

just one of those days

mood: neutral
listening to: infinity ~ zwei

Just a blog entry before I work hard on the ZCCB logo.
Honestly, I have ideas but I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to put down all as a sketch on indesign or illustrator. Its harder than you think.

I'm so used to people complimenting me on what I've done for my age. This time they don't even care how old I am. Now, they treat me as if I was 32 and with a graphics design degree. With that they'll criticize and kill my passion as well as hurt me.

5 months ago I didn't even know where my life was going. I thought that I'll end up staying with my parents until my 30s, unemployed and lonely. But that all changed once I started at where I am now. They just threw this path infront of me. That I think is wonderful and all but they don't really know that they think I can do absolutely everything when they give me a design job. *sigh* I don't want them to cut me some slack cause I always have guidance and help but I just feel inferior and small when I started with zccb. Its like... I don't know... Its like I lost my wings when I'm not working in that purple office. I don't have guidance, or help its just me, alone with no seniors to say "Why don't you try?" or "That'll be great if you added." or something to motivate me more. I feel so helpless and weak... and I hate it. I'm nothing outside that office am I? or am I back in the real world?


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