Sunday, February 1, 2009

So early in the morning.

mood: sleepy 
listening to: kaimu (studio version) ~ ONE OK ROCK 

Grrzz... I'm at work an hour early. I wanna sleep more and wake up to a certain someones voice rather than mom or cats in heat.  .-.

Last night, I slept over Naz's. I was supposed to be teaching some shit to a friend of hers. lol... I have a feeling I disappointed them a little... haha. Who told them to expect so much from me anyways? Yesterday was fun though. I spent the whooole day with the person I wanted to spend the whole day with (mish you) and........... I'm sleepy. *yawns* Even though I slept in his arms a little. But there were distractions so I ended up waking up every time I actually fell asleep. Grrz. 

When he left I slept like a baby but I woke up at 2:00am then at 4:45 am... I don't get why I just wake up like that. Its annoying. I hope it won't keep happening. I can't wait to go home later.  I'll take a little nap at until 7:30 then I'll start downloading Hana Kimi! then maybe stay up until 11ish then I'll be out cold. 

This is supposed to be a reaaally long entry. Lets just say I'm too sleepy to think right now. 

Its February. o_O prom is close and... so is Valentines. yay? 
It's Feb already. Damn. That was fast. 

Random Fact of the Day: I look like a nursing student today. *laughs*  and I brought Eli to work! I forgot to put him in my other bag thats supposed to be going home. >.>

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