Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lunch times not an option.

Mood: hot
listening to: When the day met the night - Panic! at the disco (pretty song, sounds kinda old) 

I don't if its the coffee but I really feel hot.  I could break a sweat any moment now and the window is open. This is not normal... 

I've been getting small jobs that take me like 10 minutes to do. Which is kinda sad. If I list down what I did all day it would be a lot if you ask me. I just finish it too fast I guess. 
The clients are lucky they don't have to pay so much for hours if they got me on the job.!  *tries to stay positive* I guess I like em big jobs that take 3 hours or so to do. Those are fun. I'll have my eyes glued to the screen for HOURS on end and my brain shuts out everything. You'll be annoyed to see me like that. It'll be the first time I won't talk to you or listen to you or even notice you're around. Thats when I'm in my wittle design world. *oh happy day* Haha. Trust me. Naz doesn't like me that way. She says I might even get stabbed in the back without noticing. Haha That would be the day. 

almost 12. 
I want to eat... *drools* 

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