Sunday, February 22, 2009

Simple things in life

Telling the worst things that ever happened to you to the person you're scared to lose was a lot easier than I anticipated. I'm glad he understands though. Its quite a shocker actually, I thought that maybe his view on me would change like it did with so many other people but it didn't it stayed the same but he still marks me as weird. lol which I don't mind at all. Everyones weird yea? 

I started writing again. 
Who knew my inspiration all came from what I felt now and Victorian movies. I was watching 'Miss Austen Regrets' and when Jane said something that seemed to strike my little bells in my head. I began writing with "His character, his personality, his wit what ever your vocabulary would allow you to use, is none descript." and it continues. I would rather not post up so much spoilers. 

I'm actually proud of what I've been writing lately.  Intellectually, I've been going up a pace and it brings me to a Horrah phase!

Lunch time, I've got lots to do after 10 minutes. 
This entry was supposed to be written on Friday but something just made me not want to do anything but that 'something'. But! I did paint, the painting did not come out too well, I experimented with skin tones and... the out come wasn't so great cause the lighting was supposed to match the color of the skin tone. -...failure...- 

I'll try again today, or tomorrow. 
I feel like making random logos when I get home and I still have to finish the 'Designing logos' book I bought. *sigh* 

*copies weldon* 

Objectives for the week: 
  • put in 'redemption' & nightmare albums in Eclipse
  • Make random band logos
  • Read 'designing logos'
  • Fix painting
  • *next shit to do comes during the week* 

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