Monday, February 2, 2009

lunch break!

mood: excited 
listening to: people talking bout skiing

I wanna ski too... 
Here I am at work... doing nothing but manning the phones (straight orders from Naz who went for a smoke). 

Got complimented on how I looked which is weird cause I always wear this outfit. haha. 

I woke up this morning feeling kinda sad that I fell asleep while talking to him. .-. Noez. 
I don't like doing that. I like it better when we say goodnight properly then fall asleep. 

Last night I don't know what I did when I came home last night. Oh yes... I was talking to renz on the phone. *sigh* You better be in a good mood today best! I want to finish designing ZCCB Tickets! I NEED THE CONTENT RENIEL! LIKE ASAP! I want to finish it this week as well as present it. Maybe Thrusday? Gah... I have to send you an email. 

I got so pissed off this morning. I'm starting to get annoyed by my hair. Its too fucking long. I'm cutting it this weekend. 

I'm going to spend the whole weekend updating DA, and Livejournal. 

This is going to drive me cwazy... >.> 

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