Monday, September 8, 2008

The art of preserving what is important to you.

Listening to: gokusen epi. 3 in the background.

*cough* I copied the title from a news article *cough*

Last night I had this huge headache. So I decided to sleep early. After saying my good nights to Ren. I turned my settings on my phone to silent in hopes to have an excuse and/or ignore a phone call from a ventor. I woke up at 12:28am cause of my phone vibrating. I checked and I got a message and 3 miss calls, 2 from kevs and one from a landline phone. The message was from kevs too. He was asking if I was awake. I wasn't. I'm sleeping late today. I wanna know whats going on with Kevs. I haven't spoken to him in 3 days.

I woke up at 6am today to Nada typing her way on my Yoshihiko. I got up and "What the hell are you doing on my notebook?" I asked. She answered with a "I wanna check if Tokio Hotel won" I immediately didn't care and attempted to fall back to sleep. She woke me once again in what felt like 20 minutes but it was only 5. She told me they won. I celebrated with a Yay! then fell back to sleep. Last thing I heard from her was "Bye Naj!" She always says bye even though she knows I'm way into dreamland.

I had a weird dream. It involves Nasreens guy friends and they thinking I'm cute. (。_o)
Muri dayo. (。A 。)つ I was being stalked by this really hot guy. I don't remember much.
I'm trying to forget it.

congrats th

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