Wednesday, September 24, 2008

when a single touch means more than it should

Can u see this now?

listening to: discord ~ ルーシー
(FYI, renz was the one who wrote and posted two of my recent entries before this. So ignore his lame attempt of being me.)

After two months of tears and pain. My life started to brighten a little... okay a lot.
I feel wiser in a sense. I've somehow slept and woke up with every word I've learnt and forgotten once, embedded hard on my mind. I find it trivial actually since I tend to forget it if I haven't used it. Now, I think this post is trivial.

After all my unrequited loves and the pain I went through during that time. I feel free somehow. I guess I finally let go of the third and let something true come in I guess. haha

3 times.
It happened 3 times. After that. I thought I would have given up on love. Guess not.
It grew worse each time. The 1st was puppy love. The second hurt bad. The third. Well... u could guess.

Note to self: always go to Nasreen and the gays for advice.
I love older sisters. They're good for a lot of things when they're done being teenagers.


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