Friday, September 26, 2008

Is there more to it?

Listening to : アトリ - 斜GIRL(not as good as I thought they would be)/ 蜃気楼 - Matenrou Opera(current fav song)

If only I could speak my mind without hurting my pride so much.
I've taken down all my paintings and hidden them. Sometimes mom doesn't see my love for art and she rarely appreciates it. Its like support is at 0%. When it comes to something I love the most. If she doesn't understand it she won't appreciate it as I appreciate every little thing everyone does.
Whether its writing, cooking, anything.
I've been thinking on how I can grow as a painter. My current unfinished painting sucks so much that I want to throw it out. I have to spend more time on it. 5 hours isn't enough anymore.

Nasreen called me last night asking if I wanted to work at the graphics design department where she works. Of course, its an internship at my age. No pay, I'll just do as I am told, watch and learn from the experts. I have to put together a portfolio. Since this company has HIGH standards. Even for interns. I guess they only hire the best. I'm not 100% sure I'll get the job. But its worth a try. I have a year of nothing to do. So this might be a great opportunity for me.

Seef last night was fun.
Sam (the french guy who took us to seef and back) is totally cool and the fact that hes french is awesome. He can speak arabic too. Makes me jealous. Tita Sakina (sameers mom) lol, Tita Susan and Tita Grace were all teasing me. "Do you have a date today, Naj?" Lol I didn't say anything. "You're sitting next to your Mother-in-law" they all laugh. (I played along and laughed with them)
I don't know why but Tita Grace touched my knee and said "No, you're for sameer. You know hes coming here in march right?" LMAO~ Fuck that ladies... I don't like that asshole player. I might have been in love with him at one point. But now... I hate his guts. If I see him again I'll fucking rip his eyeballs from his sockets and feed it to him like grapes. Even when hes not here they still pair me up with him! whats the deal ladies? Don't tell me you're going to make me kiss him again. Grrr... I loathe that ass. The fact that hes actually the only guy (who is 18 and not related to us) allowed in our house for no reason. My dad likes him. sucks. And if my grandmother wasn't here he would sleep over. Gah. stay away u ass. >.> You try talking to me and I'll hit u hard. Doesn't help at all. Nope. *hides under blankie*

Ran to the cinema. Nada actually took off her slippers then she had to put them back cause the security guard came and told her to put them back on. Lol. Fucking dick. He also forbid us to run. Fuck you. We can do whatever we want. NOT. >.> they suck.
Saw JP from a distance. Turns out everyone already went in. I did not know there were like more than 5 people with Nikki. lol. I miss the yans. T-T
We watched "For the first time" Lol I didn't expect to watch it at all. LOL. Movie was okay. Great acting for KC's first movie. Shes so pretty. *stares* LOL. alrite moving on. >.>
I'm not at liberty to write everything here yet. But I will when the time comes.

Wait till November.~ lol msg to u~ you know who u are.

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