Sunday, September 7, 2008

When its full.

Listening to: nadas music. Which is distance - zwei (on replay >.>)


"I can't believe myself. I just love someone and immediately say that they won't like me back. Since when have I been so without hope. How did I turn out this way?"
- July 26, 2006

Easy, Hes name is Mahmood.
During your attempt to not fall you fall anyways for that asswipe. You totally have no control of your heart. You should do something about that before you get over this one and fall for someone worse than your current 'someone'.

"Enough. I've had enough. Its already been a year. Nothings going to happen. He barely notices me. I'm being neglected like usual."
- March 2005

Right on!

Time for a recent entry. Ren will love this.

"You decided to be a pathetic prick. Lets see here. You ranted out about her like usual. It reached so high. I read all the crap you liked about her. This should be hurting me so badly like always. But dude. I'm not in pain.
Thank GOD! I'm one step closer to getting over you"
- August 1st, 2008.

That day I was so freaking happy. I actually rolled over my bed and fell laughing my ass off.

"I'm quiet. I'm just letting it burn inside me. Less pain please. I'm dieing here"

- Sept. 1st, 2008

Lol sarcasm is intended at the last two sentences.

My grammar before sucked so much when I wrote.
Lol. I read my old poem/short story book. I finished it on Jan 2008. My fav there would be the fanfiction about Anne Elliot and Fredrick Wentworth. My victorianess is ♥.

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