Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bahrain's Talent?

Usual morning routine would always put a newspaper in my hands.
Reading page after page, something caught my eye.
The words 'Music Mania' & 'Bahrain's talented youth' immediately made be read the article by Krazy Kevin. I thought of Mon~sUn joining it. But we lack practice and we've never played as a band yet. So this is just another opportunity I'll leave out. I told Kevin about it. He totally loves me now. haha. not literally of course. He would as usual say 'you the man'. He'll join it. . . I think.

I also thought of joining Splashes Design for sucess contest but I can't go out to marina mall just to pick up a form. Odius piece of shit. I really like joining random contests that fit my genre. Something where I can either draw, photoshop, photograph, design, and play (music wise). The first contest I joined was shocking. I ended up being the first to get featured out of alot of entries.

My muse is back and I'm inspired to do everything and anything right now. But where to start?

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