Monday, September 1, 2008


listening to: ageha - MUCC (drums in this song is ♥)

Wenz woke me up. Laid in bed for a bit before washing up.
Finally, for the first time in a long time I woke up early enough to find some food on the freaking table. Thank you renz. ♥'s for you.

After a shower which I took after I got off the phone with wenwen. I spent 3 hours learning Dance Dance & Only One.
Nikki and Mauree changed my tracklist last night. I got so freaking pissed cause I have to learn whole new songs and crap. For our first live these songs pretty much suck.
I have to fucking wear a dress... I'm going to dance and play on stage with a freaking dress on. Okay how kool is that? Playing the bass in a dress. O_O damn...
Okay we've got band rehersals with the gang at room 2 rock. We've only got 2 days of actual practice we have to know all the tabs and lyrics before we get at R2R. Nada hurry up and learn these songs already. She hasn't even started. The three of us are freaking out. Even the roadie is freaking out and nada is being as calm as a born passive, nonchalant, bitch.
Gahz, make an effort nada!!!

I recently found out that wenzy is going to weave sooner than expected.
*emo mode*
Don't leave. T-T

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