Saturday, August 30, 2008


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Thursday 28th August.
Noor's Birthday Party.

It was fun. Threw cake around at fuds.
Talked & laughed. Played around the bathroom... Pictures are ♥.

Listening to: Redemption - Gackt ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (gackt deserves so much hearts)

Friday 29th August.
Adhari with the Yans.

Got there at 4:12 with boo, nada, & mauree. Waited around for the park to open. Hanged out in the food court randomly laughing at every joke they tell us.
It was almost empty. Haha no lines to wait in. We first rode the Octopus thingie.
Me and Boo love that ride. Nada got freaked out!! She was swearing so fucking much!
I went all hyper and dragged Kal to the Himalaya. I got paired with him while nikki gets Robbie
The ride was fun. We rode that 3 times. Haha.
I puked. T-T I went on the swing and I felt like puking after that. I drank coke thinking it might help. But it didn't the moment I got up and walked with nada. I threw up all over the nearest tree. Gez. Well, the staff were all 'are you okay?' and crap.
Hours later Bowling. I was second place, robbie was last. Hahahahaha. Then BUMPER cars!! woohoo that was fun. Me and Boo rode the octopus twice. Got a phone call and Nikki was kinda pissed at me cause of it. I pretty much dont care if she is or not. Ate Kfc. Kal and I had a long conversation bout everything. He constantly wanted to make me smile saying "I don't want to see that frown on your face when you leave" I found it sweet.
Ate mooncakes! Woohoo~ doesn't taste good. I picked the wrong flavor. o=o
I'm going to miss them. I can't go out much on Ramadan.

If you leave and I don't get to see you. I'll cry my eyes out.
Too soon.

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