Friday, August 15, 2008

FunLand [August 14, 08]

My thoughts for today:

Too close I should say. I don't really know what I'm going to do if it gets out.
I guess I'm just going to stay calm and take it until I can't anymore.
This is one painful year.

I'm scared.
I'm anxious, Paranoid, pressured, stressed, depressed, and fucking afraid.
I'm scared of so many things. I don't want to go into details. Right now I don't want to even think about it.

I've kept my mind off of it with drama. Lol it worked. Reixi!!
Sawsy came over it was fun.
I tried coloring nadas project with oil pastels. I cant do it for shit. So I had to draw the whole thing all over again. actually nada drew it first. Then I found out that I could paint it right after I started coloring the newly drawn one. gah nada. >_> give me a hard time why dont u.
Its supposed to be about the Philippine culture. I dont think it has anything to do with it. EJ found the pic for nada and I did most of the work. they better get a high mark.


At funland. We took our sweet time getting there. It was cause mom was taking a little nap and then Nikki took more than an hour to get ready. Seriously boo. >_>

Ren, Robbie, EJ, Nikolai and Abby was there.
Lets see here... we trio watched the olympics while the others played billiards.
Ren suddenly appeared. o-o w00t?

(Goes and cleans paint brushes)

Boo and Nada like usual always escapes to the bathroom. Leaving Ren to pester me with his questions. Lol its not really pestering. We ended outside funland. Randomly talking like usual. (boo got mad cause ren supposedly likes to drag me away so much. Lol calm down boo. You've been with me the whole day.) LOL yes, It seemed sorta like a scene from a drama. Walked to the where we could see the sea. o-o randomly. I don't like guys staring at me.Lol. There was a 'romantic moment' *laughs ass off* 'romantic' *laughs ass off somemore* that shit dont happen to me. *cough* *laughs*

Saw abood.
He helped us get into the skating rink.
the guys left and we skated with him. He offered his hand and I took it cause I was scared of falling. We talked. haha he did the same to nada. The moment we said we had to leave he made us go back in the rink. So we did. He took my hand and we skated. Then he asked for all our numbers but he only got mine. We left. I hugged him goodbye. Its supposed to be a thank u for everything. He called me today. Apologizing if he did something stupid. I found that sorta weird.

Blue light Mode at the skating rink.

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