Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to Normal

Boo fixed things with me. I put up a little fight. Telling her I needed both my best friends not just one. Especially when Ren is leaving soon. After that who do I have left? She said its better than me being torn between the two of them. I rather be torn between the two then lose one. I'll actually make that sacrifice. We shared a really tight embrace. Now, I can't mention ren. >_> not even to Nada. They both don't want him in their lives. If thats the thing. Then Okay I won't talk about him then. I rarely do actually. Since it pisses everyone off every time his name is being mentioned. Poor guy. I don't really get why people just hate him so freaking much. Oh well.

My eyes are swollen and I hate it. >_> Mom didn't notice. THANK GOD.
I have something else on my mind. I just hope that won't happen. It'll be such a fucking drag.

Yesterday at Nasreens apartment was fucking hilarious. We were so bored we started watching porn. Then we got bored of that cause all we saw were naked women. The hell. >< where are all the guys? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Then we looked for Yaoi. We didn't find any. T-T

Nasreen broke the shower faucet thing and the water started shooting out everywhere, uncontrollably. She got seriously wet. Then I tried blocking the water. >_> Wet. We were all wet. ><>< we couldn't find it. Uncle Noy came and fixed it.

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