Saturday, August 9, 2008

Eyes for one

mood: sleepy
listening to: sagas bass

I got up at 8:30 cause nasreen miss called me. I was like why do I hear alice nine. and then I checked my phone nasreen just miss called.

I got up and called her directly after a wash.
Umm... she came over and shortly after breakfast and lunch me and her went to the salon.
She had her tache and eyebrows done as well as her hair. I just had my eyesbrows done. I look pretty good I guess. I refused to get my tache down for the following reasons:

1. It'll grow back thicker
2. Its red at first
3. It growing back thicker is VERY bad.
4. I dont want to look like a man. >_>

Talked to wenwen on the phone for I think 20-30 minutes. Nasreen had a couple of questions.
- Are you talking to a female?
- Who are you talking to?
- Did you make out yet?

seriously dude. >->

No, you didn't bore me. You never bore me. We always have something to talk about. o-o Its usually something random.

I officially love the little bangkok behind adliya. I went to buy water and credit in the store like close to the salon and It was like I was stepping into the store I always go to with pops in Thailand. I miss Thailand!!! T-T

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