Monday, August 11, 2008


mood: *gasp*
listening to: Joshs annoying racket

V'ernia disbanded. T-T

I've been having weird dreams this week. I can't remember half of it. But I know for sure they were very surreal. *hitshead* involves weird people too. ><

I just finished watching Caregiver. Yes, that movie with Sharon Cuneta. >_> Uncle Don made me watch it. >.< The movie was nice though. Now, its time to watch The Pianist.

Umm... I worried Ren again. >_> I'm sowie. T-T I'm not going to die or anything. Its okie. Don't worry so much, k? *nuggles u*

Gah! I have to study with Josh again. >_> 2 more days Naj. just 2 more and hes done. *sigh*

I spent about 3 hours composing some crap for our song Hey you!. Shortly after I took the guitar and started 'learning' how to do a solo. o-o I can do it. I just need to be faster! 3 more hours of just doing that solo over and over again increases my speed on riffs. wOOt! Oh well.


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