Saturday, August 2, 2008

8 ways to drown out and fall

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This is not the actual entry with that title.
I wrote a similar entry with the same title. I just decided to not post it up cause it was too... umm... personal. Like WAY personal.

I found a little hump thing on the side of my neck. Its not really visible but when I run my hand on it. It hurts like fuck. Its roundish... and kinda huge. Its probably just a vein.

Thursday was fun. Played a few games some drinking games. Hung around the dudes. Jc, Kevin and Ej while Ren and Robbie 'competed'. Lol Fun fun day indeed. Laughed meh ass off the whole time and huggled ren.

Umm... when they started watching the vid we made for Shan. Me and Nikki freaked out. I swear I think I was blushing so much. Haha. When it got to the acted out scene of DBY. I hid behind a wall. Then made Kal my rock and hid behind him. hahaha Gah I was so freaking embarrassed. I wanted to sink into the floor. I loved the bloopers though.


Today, went grocery shopping. Dad opened a new shop at sitra. Well more like bought a new shop. I dunno who'll manage that place. Probably that old sri lankan guy that used to work for my dad. Probably divide the uncles amongst the three shops now. Its a good thing. I think my dads scared of winter time again. So he decided to open another shop so we'll have another source of income. Last winters income was just what... 500 a day. o-o that doesn't even cover the rent of the house. Gah. Yes, we're paying my grandmother 500BD to stay in this stupid huge house. Some family huh? My dad finally owns 1/4 of the house. He bought like 1/4 of it from his brother. *sigh*

Pops has this plan that he'll buy like 4 other buildings and have it in each of our names. I hope I get the first building! w00t! Najla Moh'd Abdul Ali Qamber will own a freaking building! w00t! Meh dad loves us. *huggles dad* He also wants a paltry farm in Mlang. O-o He wants to use my moms land. w00t! and give most of the money to Mama nic and papa boyet. Man! I miss them now. *sadness* and Lolo tomas and lola beth! such sweet ppl! they're my moms uncle and aunt.

Tita Lanie is leaving for the Philippines tomorrow.
I'm wondering who'll take care of lil Josh. Umm... I guess its us. yay! *huggles hyper joshie*

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