Thursday, August 7, 2008

Unconscious Feelings?

mood: productive
listening to: RAINBOWS - alice nine. (specifically sagas bass)

*stares at mom as she feeds lil Josh*

Okay... I just finised reading a fanfic for my own amusement. Before that I played the bass for like 2 hours. I tabbed Blossom ~ Sugar. Well like 2 seconds of the bass intro. The song is HARD and tabbing it is a complete nightmare. ><

*sips coke* No call from work yet. o-o I'm sitting here staring at the can of coke in front of me thinking of what to write.

Josh is being an annoying little boy as usual. >_>

I fell asleep while chatting to nikki. It was around 10pm I think. I dunno I just felt really really sleepy. Even though I woke up late-ish and slept in the car. >3<>o<

Yes, the title means something.
No... can't be. *hitshead* HELL NO. *ignores it*

I spent about an hour revamping my old painting last night. Lookie...

2005 I think.
If I spent like another hour on it It would've probably looked awesome. *-*
Well all I can say is I improved a bit in digital painting.

LMAO!!! I've got like a volume of History books! I forgot about them.

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