Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Less than sixteen roses

Mizuki-san no Sadie desu

listening to: Goodbye foolishness(サヨナラの果て) - Sadie

After replying to weldon's comment on FS. I sorta whacked my notebook. stupid thing.
Gah, my hormonal patch is like going crazy these days and its pissing the hell out of me.
Oh well. Big deal.
I'm going to Noor's birthday on Thursday. It better be good cause I'm skipping a Jam to go there.
Kevin seems like he wants to see me real bad or something. Boo is being the normal girl best friend and going the guy likes you. Just make him admit it already. Haha Boo. I don't think so.
Its a freaking miracle Abood hasn't called. Thank you so much. I don't want to deal with that dude. Hes nice and all. But why the hell does he call me and not the other girls too? Weird.

After watching SUICIDAL APPLICANTS DVD. I decided to cut my hair. I blame the boys of sadie. I was staring at their hair. I want their hair. I can easily cut my own hair to make it look like that. Oh man... I really want Jyou's hair. That girls hair is O_O. Shes hot too. wooo~ haha I'm not attracted to her though. Which is a good thing. I don't want the hiko incident to happen again.


and.... Hiko. Damn u girl! u could be a guy. Esp. with ur voice. I thought u were a dude.
*hitshead* naj.... stop staring at the pic already. *cough*

this is what mon~sUn wants to look like.
(naj wants hiko's boots)



right... okie enough dreaming.
Nada had a fever a few days ago. Now, Nasser has one. Soon me. Woo~ I can't wait. o-o
Moms at the clinic with him. *pats moron boy* ahem.
anyways... its so freaking hot.


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