Thursday, August 14, 2008

so it begins

The band and many other things.
A bunch of obstacles just fell on my lap. I'm sharing it with the other two girls. But there are some that only I can go over. It doesn't involve the band thats why. I'm keeping a lot of things from my closest friends. I find it funny actually. REAL funny.

I find myself exacerbating everything for myself. I wish I could take the easy way out. But that would be stupid.

I'm fucking pressured. Our second live will be in front of 50+ people.
and We're all going to be in dresses on stage. KOOOOL. O_O
I'm just really fucking surprised I can't believe we're actually having 2-3 lives before we disband. If boo leaves. Then we have no other choice but to disband. EV I think is leaving aswell. T-T

My life is currently 50% happiness & 50% not.
I'm still trying to clear my mind from those trivial thoughts before it takes over. Gah. its really fcked up. Friendship always gets in the freaking way. Too scared to do anything cause of it. o-o

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