Friday, August 8, 2008

Sudden Burst?

mood: o-o
listening to: Yue Liang Dai Biao Shei de Xin - David Tao *is totally obsessed with this song*

Gah, I seriously miss wenwen now. ><>_> Wen and Boo are the glue thats keeping me here. Besides my family. Love you guys.

*sigh* I don't keep secrets from nada. I just lie about my feelings when I'm around her. I don't want anyone one in my family to worry about my mental health and crap. I know nada has been backstabbing me a bit. I'm pretty upset about that.
She seems really mad about me and ren being close. Thats probably why she throws things at me randomly. She has this hidden anger towards me and I think Nikki is partly one of the reasons as well. I don't know. she tends to ruin my moods nowadays.

Oh fuck it. Let her be mad at me for reasons that aren't even relevant.


Father is back from Sri Lanka and he got me and nada a Nina perfume.

I've been meaning to make a manip inspired by the commercial.

I started watching Hana Kimi (Taiwan) I didn't know Jiro and Wu Chao was in it. wooo~


Gah.. I really feel fucked up at the moment.

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