Tuesday, June 10, 2008


mood: WIDE awake
listening to: Bleach...

Right now, I'm putting on my socks. I'm really amazed at how fast I just get up. My alarm ain't that loud but I still get up in a click. When I'm obligated.

Oh look. Nada's online. Nada was really upset the last 2 days... cause I slept here and she was stuck at home with stupid Nasser. I think its our first time apart in years.

Its like this... Me and Nada have been like twins for years. We've been sleeping in the same room since... I can't even remember. We're that close and for some reason I'm the fav for everyone. T_T
Its like... I'm someone they can talk to if they need it. So... I'm pretty much all ears all the time. I still don't get why I'm the fav for everyone *thinks really hard*... My head hurts. ;_;

I dunno what to do with college if my usual homeschool doesn't have the course I want I dunno what I'm going to do. I don't want to change homeschools... ._. I hate school... all kinds of schools. I wonder how I got even alittle smart. ._. My stomach hurts now. T_T I'm too scared to cook anything without Nada. I'm scared of fire.... (x_x)

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