Sunday, June 29, 2008

Devil Beside You

mood: content.
listening to: D-technolife ~ UVERworld. Now: antlion - Sugar *marry me shingo*

I have a feeling I'll get seriously obsessed with UVERworld soon. T_T Noez...
Anywayz... I still feel like puking after every meal. I didn't even eat much and I still feel like puking. T_T

This sux! Now my stomach hurts. >_> If I end up with a serious illness all I have to say is "Finally! what took you so long?" I saw it coming when it comes. LoL

Me foundz Nightmare tabs. Nada is going to love me for this. *makes happy face*

I don't feel like watching Bleach anymore. T_T I just don't have the urge to finish watching it. This just proves... I don't like anime that much. Damn... I'm fucked.

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