Sunday, June 15, 2008


mood: yearnin'
listening to: the wind outside.

I realized as I played the guitar at the apartment yesterday mornin' that I have too much passion for it >-> and I play the bass. 0-0 The good thing is that I can play with my eyes closed. Thats how I realized how freakin' passionate I am bout playin' the guitar.

Last night, while I sat by myself in the living room I finally came to the conclusion that I give up and won't hope or want... well... just hope for anything to happen. I held my legs to my chest and simply stared at the computer screen and decided.

I hate guys who are like Motzy. Its not because he vents. Its cause of a whole different reason. Not even related to ventin' It just sorta pisses me off.

Motzy is awesome he just has this one flaw along with his constant vents.

I'm going to paint float.

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