Thursday, June 12, 2008

Muharraq Club

mood: okie
listening to: Nada reading German.

Philippine Independence Day.

We waited 3 hours for the freakin' program to start. Dammit! >->
On the bright side I saw John (dude I used to have a crush on) and a Shirtless Michael. Man... that boy is FINE. too bad hes too young for me. *pats invisible Michael* Umm... Everyone left everything with me. Nichelle did, Jyanisa and Nikki. Her phone was with me. lol... Her pants were falling so I offered her my belt. I bet it looked weird when I was removing my belt in Public. LMAO. She didn't wear it though. She doesn't really know how to put a belt on for some reason. T-T

That reminds me. At the airport looonng ago me and Nasreen had to go through the sensors over and over cause it kept on beeping. We took off our phones, keys, jewelery, shoes and belt. Lol that pretty much did the trick. The funny thing was... we looked like we did something while we both tried putting on our belts. LOL... we were in a hurry cause the plane was boarding. We were running while putting on our belts. fucking hilarious. Even she said... 'dude... we look like we just had a quickie' I laughed my ass off.

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