Wednesday, June 18, 2008


mood: inspired?
listening to: shindaze sekai (the world is dead) - heidi.

I feel like idea after idea is seeping into me. anymore and I won't be able to stop myself from manipulating my ass off. Its like there are billions of morbid/sick/dark/beautiful/colorful/etc images are all flashing through my head. I don't want to touch photoshop at the moment I might... I might end up making shit for 5 hours straight. Thank God I don't have A.D.D. I can't resist... I want too... but I don't... I feel like Renz. >-> someone... hold me back before I never leave my notebook today. I dont carez no more! I shall photomanipulate. I'll be here all night long... unless I change my mind.


Renz said...

hehe im being mentioned too much now i love the eposure lol too bad i cant comment on all the entries... ihave to update my blog as well it mite die... mayb tomorrow hehe

Renz said...

*exposure... the x seems to be stuck a bit hehe

Selfcentered said...

Lol yesh. I do know you love the exposure. hehe <3 You lazy arse!