Thursday, June 5, 2008

Seef [June 4] 2

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listening to: Abduction-Interlude - ONE OK ROCK (this instrumental master piece is just... *eargasm*)

Updated with Pics.

We're such girls sometimes. T__T

Oh look a retarded Renz. Lol and a cute nial

Look at how adorable Paolo looks. *insert aww... sounds*

aww.... lol

my pinky finger hurts *pouts*

I'm starting to miss talking to Motzy. We have this gap between us now T___T NOOOESS!! my Seme! I miss being a uke. T___T Man me and Motz sound like a gay couple lol. I mish making nikki uncomfortable while talking to him. Even Nikki misses him *pets invisible motzy*

Shit... Now, that I look at my manips and I compare it to others I go... WTF. Whats wrong with me? My Photomanipulations are horrible now. I have no inspiration what so ever and it drives me crazy. This has been happening to me for awhile now and its really going to bury me deep. Photomanipulation is the only thing I was proud of cause I let out my wacky and morbid side... oh and Anger and Sadness... Pretty much everything through manips. Now... I'm just staring straight at a blank page. Gah.

LMAO!!! I just looked back at my gallery on DA and I just randomly clicked my favs. I just noticed how depressing my descriptions are. If it wasn't love that I was bumped out about its how pointless my life is. Lol. I don't think so no more. Thanks to number 4. Lol. I'm surprised I didn't end my life I sounded pretty depressing. Wait... was it the time when I used to cut myself? *checks date*The last time I cut myself was *thinks* Umm... March? HOLY SHIT! I haven't cut myself in almost 3 months! WOHOO! I'm soo happy. I was depressed but I didn't do shit. *does boogie* I can control myself.. Yes, I can. *sings* Yes, I can. I cried.. and I didn't do shit then either. I feel normal now. LoL Well, not completely. I should seriously learn how to cry for more than a minute. *pats self on back* Woah... I'm pretty strong. I would thank my unrequited relationships for this.

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