Saturday, June 14, 2008

spaming blog = heart

mood: spontaneous.
listening to: ICE BREAKER - Zwei (on replay)

Nada's coming with me to sleep over Nasreen apartment! wohoo for that! <33 I'm soo going to steal more bleach from Nasreen. I normally don't watch anime... Nasreen... just had to introduce me to bleach. T-T why... you bitch. I miss watching Wolf's Rain. T-T Umm... That was a looong time ago. I miss watching dramas too. I should start watching korean and chinese dramas... Gosh... >3>

Umm... I wrote a sequel to 'Silent tears' and well... you are not going to see it thats for sure. No theres no porn. *sigh* Lol Its just the way I wrote it was really really bad.. I don't even want to read it anymore. TwT

Umm... what else should I start doing after six months... *thinks*
when i was 11 I started drawin'.
2 years later I started photomanipulating
6 months after that I started digitally painting
6 months after that I started drawing anime
6 months after that I started playing the guitar
2 months after that the bass
1 year after that paintin'

Well... not exactly every six months but whatever.
>-> I know... I know I'm weird.

I miss reading TwT I haven't read in awhile. besides fanfics and yaoi.
I mean usually I finish a book every week.. But now... I dunno. ;_;

stupid naj... go back to your usual routine. TwT

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