Thursday, June 19, 2008

alone & red ballet shoes

mood: creative
listening to: I'm sick, b'coz luv u - lynch.

I'm really enjoying painting. I don't know why... but I feel as if I can actually do something awesome. Before all I could do is draw... draw those black and white images. Now... I'm playing with a color pallet.

I got rid of the girl in alone. cause it looks better that way. Thank you yasy for the criticism.

My current w.i.p. will be called 'Red Ballet Shoes'
I hope I'll like this one. T-T
Its looking good so far.
I can't freaking please myself with anything. Everything I like everyone doesn't. Everything I hate everyone else loves. I don't get it. TwT


its everywhere. Its so tempting to buy a surgical mask like miyavi's. <333 I want too...

look its mommy! *waves at screen* hi mommy!!

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