Tuesday, June 10, 2008

chores.. ._.

mood: helpful
listening to: throw hope away - Black:list

The minute I came through the door and entered the kitchen with my uncle. Nasreen came in and said 'Dude... can you take out the trash?' I protested at first... but I did cause I had to get the Rose Water from Tita Lanie. Mom, wants me to spray it all over the apartment... She thinks there are ghosts on this floor.

The titos and Kuya were all workin shirtless. Its a filipino thing. They're carrying boxes up and down the stairs.

So... I threw out the trash... put away the food... I went to change and I found the cutest looking shoes ever! and they're huge. you'll see what I mean when I post up a pic tomorrow. theres something wrong with blogger and photobucket. ._.

soo... I started folding all the clothes that didn't need ironing and crap... when I turned on the iron I got seriously shit scared cause this HUGE amount of steam started blowing out of the small iron... I freaked and now I don't even want to go near it. ._. so no ironing for me. I can't help it... I'm really paranoid.

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