Saturday, June 14, 2008

I shall...

mood: humorous.
listening to: Oath - Licker

bore you with what I think I'll do for my birthday.

I asked permission from Nasreen and we shall all gather up at her apartment! So we can chill and crap. I doubt ppl will come but inviting them is always good. I shall call Nikki to tell her about it l8erz. She could possibly guide the Yans here. So thats like 5 ppl down if they can. Mom will be around for a bit then she'll leave. Same goes with Nasreen. LOL she was like... if your friends hit on me I'll give them hell. Lmao. WOOHOOO! No... supervision. YAY! N4 will be here. hopefully. then the cousins, I shall talk to Renz about the guys. then Monsun. Party over here!

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