Tuesday, June 3, 2008

meh bday

mood: pretty much depressed in the inside.
listening to: sabi - sugar.

Umm... what shall I do for my birthday? *thinks*
June 26th... so far away and yet so close.
Last year I threw a fit cause well, cause they forced me out of the house for a surprise bday party when I already know where we were going. The people that came weren't even my fucking friends. Faisal, Kai, Salaman? those are your fucking friends Nasreen. Not that I mind. I didn't have friends then. Umm... it was fun. Bowling and Pizza is fun. Embarrassing me by putting my fav jrockers on the cake with toothpicks. Funny guys. I got seriously pissed when the guys were calling them fags. I just wished Gackt was there to tell you off. If Nikki was there with me. We would've kicked your asses.

What would I want to do? what do I want for my bday?
I dunno and If only it was that easy to get it.

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