Saturday, June 14, 2008


mood: Okie
listening to: Last word - rentrer en soi

We spent the whole morning out in gudaibiya. The heat killed me. T-T
I'm sitting here playing the guitar like I always do. I'm thinking of cleaning this apartment abit when mom leaves. Dammit. I forgot my hair products. T-T Nasreen's probably going to sleep soon. She didn't sleep yet. I'm still thinking if I should go home and come back later or stay here. There are crap I forgot. like my friggin' Towel. I should leave some shit here. T-T Seriously...

Yesterday, I say was pretty okie. Seef seef. >-> Kinda really awkward for Nikz and Nial. atleast all went well in the end. That reminds me I should call her in a couple of days. I wantz HYD season 1 & 2.

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