Friday, June 6, 2008

Motzy's online

mood: emotional
listening to: nothing

I'm awake right now cause of Motzy. We started talking bout number 4. I told him who he was and everything. He of course didn't let me vent much. He always has to say something else.
I went all really emotionally from what he said about the topic that I just wanted to cry but I didn't cause I have self control and I don't cry no more. Umm... Venting is BAD! very bad. Don't ever do that with actual ppl and ppl online cause it just hurts you even more and make you cry when you don't even want to cry. Crying is bad. Its true I'm scared to cry. Why? cause crying shows weakness. But when I do actually cry... like really really cry, for hours cry. I would love to be held. But I guess thats a little too FAAAAARRRR away. Or it'll never happen. Either way. Crying is Bad... well for me it is.

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