Tuesday, June 10, 2008

emo posts?

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Why do I find emo posts more interesting than the normal 'what I did today'?

anywayz... todays segment will be about the 1st.

Me and him we're friends since I was 6. We would play together even though he was 6 years my senior. I didn't think of him in any other way but my friend. We grew apart during the years. He began to fall in love with my elder sister and I didn't care at all. I started hating him... I do not know why but I did. I would call him names and fight with him while he walked away. Like my sister always does... she broke his heart. We moved to the Philippines when I turned 11. Came back a year later... on the second day of our arrival I saw him... He was just so... I dunno. When I saw him it was all in slow motion. He said 'Welcome back' and smiled. Oh man.. that smile. He was 18. He was way... out of my league. But I still fell in love with him. Love is unconditional. He was the one who hurt me the most cause he ignored my confession and avoided me. I was soo in love with him. Everytime he didn't notice me it hurt. I kept hoping... I just kept hoping but nothing happened. My hopes were all shattered. He doesn't even care. I cut myself so much that time. I didn't want to cry. I didn't. But I did. It took me a whole year to get over him. I couldn't even look at him without the pain. Yeah... the fucking asshole. We're still friends though. I just never see him anymore. Which is a good thing. I feel nothing for him anymore.

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