Thursday, July 24, 2008

30 minutes

mood: okie
listening to: 30 minutes - T..A.T.U.

LOL Ren. Keep meh password safe. <3

30 minutes to ten. I'm supposed to be leaving right now. But I'll post up a quick entry.
I'm 100% nothing bad is going to come out of the results.

I woke up at 7:30.
Ate breakfast. Slept again for 40 minutes.
Dad came in the room asking me if I was okay. He randomly said... you're like this cause you're bored. I said 'No, I'm sleepy.' Then mom came rite after pops and she said 'Are you feeling okay?' I said 'Yeah, Just a little sleepy.' then she went 'Yung laptop mo kasi. I'm going confiscate it.' I was like 'Nuuuuhhhhhhh!!!!' ebil mother try to take away my happiness.

I took a shower then Kobby called to check up on me. <3 I was changing meh clothes at that time. Lol I was shirtless when he called. ^////////////^ Sure Kobby! I would want to wear a blue shirt to make me look innocent. But... I already pulled out meh black shirt. <3

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