Sunday, July 13, 2008


mood: *___*
listening to: Warai Tsukiyo - HYBRID-ZOMBIEZ[disbanded] T-T They had great music.
Now: Paperdoll - Kittie

Usually I would wake up in the mornings cause of mom or nada talking or moving stuff around. But this time. I didn't. Was I that sleepy?
I had a dream bout the Yans. I'll tell you about it laterz.

I walked to my room half asleep. I saw this note from Nada on my mirror. It said to fix the files she downloaded earlier. It didn't work daw. Like my usual self I did fix it. Turns out some parts of it didn't finish downloading. It just stopped. stupid .rar files. Okie... time to download 200MB sized files. ._. The things I do.

Too many tabs open. O-O Facebook, Livejournal, Jrockheaven, Photobucket, Y-Gallery, Irokui Official Home Page, Back*ground visunavi, Visunavi, Tainted world, Shattered-Tranquility.
Funny most of it is jrock related. LoL.

Speaking of Jrock. I was looking at Jin's Photo and was about to comment. But instead I just read the other comments. Some of it was in Japanese and I actually understood what I read. (*^o^*) よかったね?


After 5 hours. I finally finished Suicide the painting.
I'm still not satisfied. Its so freaking hard to paint on an actual canvas. T-T I need acrylic paint.

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