Monday, July 21, 2008

China? Singapore? Philippines?

mood: happiness
listening to: geh - tokio hotel <3

Pops for the third time today asked me if I wanted to go to China, Singapore and Philippines with him. I of course being a trapped bird in a cage. Bahrain being the cage and me the bird. All of us grew to the habit of traveling. We're never in this country for more than 2 years. It's already been 3 years and we still haven't left these grounds. Its suffocating us actually. Now that I have a chance to leave and enter another country that happens to have shit loads of Jrock cds and vk clothes (China). I say YES! BRING ME WITH YOU!!! The sucky part would be I'll be alone most of the time. Dad's going to visit some factories in different parts of Guanzhou (I think I spelled that wrong). Yea.... well he said I'll just leave u in one of the malls and I'll get you when I'm done. I was like... O_O what?! NO WAY! I don't want to be alone in a country that knows almost zero english. wtf dad?!! NO WAYZ! I rather entertain myself here and talk to ren like I always do.... But... wait... the jrock cds... *-* the clothes! dammit!!!! why is it so hard! why do I have to be alone. Can we bring Nasreen ?! Better yet! Renren!! lol jk... I doubt my dad would leave a guy alone with his daughter in a hotel room. ... har har har.... Lets bring Nasreen!!

I'm starting to get a cold. Great... first cough now a cold. T-T whyz?!?!!?!?

the sticky tape thingy they used to hold the cotton on my arm left some sticky stuffies on meh arm and its getting annoying. I tried washing it off.... didn't work.

I'm going to watch tv.
better yet... I'm going to tune my bass.

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Soozi Catastrophe said...

naji ur listening to my fave song !!!
gosh i know how u feel about the whole not leaving the country thing, its killing me.