Tuesday, July 8, 2008

real one

mood: calm
listening to: Ai Mei - Rainie Yang Cheng Ling (OMG! Chinese Pop)

Okay, this is my real entry of the day.
gulfweekly responded to my email. I can't believe I forgot to give them my age. I'm such a loser.
I hope my pic gets to be posted up in the newspaper tomorrow. OMG! what if it does get to be among great photos in the freaking newspaper!! OMFG! *excitement* Nah... *just disappointed self* It's not really my first time my work has been featured somewhere. Last time it was my brushes that got the attention. I was featured in the Photoshop magazine. So awesome. Nasreen got seriously jealous. Lol. HAHAHAHAHAHHA.

I wish I was an overachiever. *sigh* I should join more ACTUAL contests.

I found another bruise right on top of my other one on my thigh. Me and Motzy blame our bruises on each other cause we huggle to hard. lol. fun fun. Lovable Motzy. Nada wants to show him off at PSB. hahaha now that would be awesome. Sexy Motzy walking down the corridors of the highschool apartment. All eyes on him. Lol reminds me of the first time I walked down that corridor. I had one dude compliment me and the others just whispered "thats nadas sister!? No way!" hahaha.

meh hair smells good. *sniffs hair*
great. I have A.D.D. again. I'm going to play the bass now!

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