Monday, July 28, 2008

Jane Eyre

mood: happiness

YAY!!!! Epi. 3 is done.

*watches it*

T-T *sniff* I love Jane Eyre. *watches it again*


got up at 7:05. I kept on falling in and out of sleep till 7:15. I felt fucking exhausted. Probably cause I was depressed the night before.
Gah! I am sick of being this way. Pathetic little shit.
Alright. *slaps own face* Ignore late night depressed feeling for the rest of your life. Accept it and move on dammit. >_> the thing is I already did the accepting. >_> OKAY! MOVE ON DAMMIT! *hits head with can of coke* damn... I need the real shit.

SHAN! do you have booze over your place? I'm going to get myself hammered! shit. >_> *chants to self* don't turn into nasreen, don't turn into an alcoholic. >_> If I was allowed to drink in the house I would've already be in rehab. Oh and smoking! If I lived with Nasreen. I would be a chain smoker too. I mean everyone around her smokes. Oh well. Since I chose to be the Golden Child and everyone expects so much of me. I'll just go with the flow avoiding shit like that.

Lets see here... I think I worried the living shit out of Ren last night. Sorry hun. I didn't mean it. I... I'll try to smile yea? hehe. Just hug me really tight whenever we see each other. You seem to be the only one who knows I'm this depressed and I don't really get tight huggles. cept from Kal and Shan. I have a feeling she knows EVERYTHING just by looking at me or a certain little daughter of hers told her EVERYTHING. That girl is such a squealer. I have to limit myself on telling her crap.

Oh yeahz! I get random huggles from sawsy! *huggles sawsy*

My dad asked me to count the cash he and my uncle earned yesterday. 2264BD for one day and its all going to the companies my dad owes and the bank... and and.... *cwies!!!!* MONEY!!! *slams head on keyboard*


I just got back from Gudaibiya with mom.
She had to buy some stationary for Nada. Al Manar all the way!
I bought white paint. I seem to be using it a lot.

Umm... next stop, Lolita bakery. Typical pinay mom. >_> She did the wife thing and bought my dads favorite bread which happened to be pandesal. all together now *awwwwwww*

Damn myself. *goes and paints in jeans*

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