Thursday, July 17, 2008

another one down the drain.

I just had a fight with Kobby.
I didn't like it one bit.
Kobby snapped I guess. He snapped like how I wanted to snap at ren. But I didn't.
I think my friendship with kobby is over. I didn't want it. GOD. I don't.
Kobby is an awesome friend and he was there for me at times. At these times. thats probably why he hates me. I'm soo fucking sorry for hurting you kobby. I really am.
I guess I shouldn't vent out anymore if it leads to stuff like this.

I don't want our friendship to end like this.
Msg me when you've cooled down.

GAH! I hate myself right now. I'm a selfish, selfcentered bitch who never listens to anyones problem but my own. I'm being 11 and 13 again. I hate this.

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