Thursday, July 17, 2008


mood: *blink blink*
listening to: TFC

I'm sorry but.... wtf...
I just checked out ♀Yooh♂'s blog and wtf is up with all those naked pictures!!?!?! Of course they're covering the parts with photoshoped pictures of their faces. But still... I wouldn't want to be in the same room with these guys in their freaking birthday suit. O-O I might get raped or I might catch them raping each other O___________________________O Okay thats even worse!! EWE!!! ._ . GAH! I'm thankful that I don't listen to their music.

Happy Birthday Renren!!! *huggles u tite in ur sleep* You better wake up soon. Aren't you going out somewhere? *poke*
I'll enjoy my day if u enjoy yours! <3 *sticks tongue out*

Last night Nikki called me with great news. I was flipping out and getting all excited and crap! I actually did the girl thing and screamed and jumped up and down. Yeash Yeash I do that. No its not the fact that yans are coming on friday that I'm very excited about. Of course I'm excited to see them. I miss them *insert sad face here* But this news nikki told me was a big WOAH! I'm so fucking happy for her! *spazzes out like myv* WOOHOO!

I'm going to clean my room now. ~~~~ wOOt wOOt!

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